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equipment checkout software tracking inventories higher edOur Equipment checkout software allows customers to easily check out (and back in) assets from your organization online. Through our asset checkout software, equipment managers can eliminate equipment double bookings and track the whereabouts of their organization’s valuable resources.

We understand how frustrated you get when essential A/V equipment is borrowed and never returned. Often, no one is sure who borrowed the assets, making it virtually impossible to track down the missing pieces.

Imagine managing your media equipment inventory without the headache of complicated spreadsheets or messy sign out sheets for checkout and loaning media equipment.

With equipment checkout software, efficient equipment loan processes can be a reality within your organization.

Our asset checkout software manages the checking out and checking in and circulation of portable A/V equipment and media facilities. Equipment rental software will let you know who borrowed a certain asset – and consequently, enforce return deadlines.

By removing much of the hassle from lending your organization’s media inventory, our equipment rental software frees you to focus on the day to day operations of your media department, rather than the intricate details of equipment loans.

With equipment checkout software, those within your organization can reserve a particular asset with just a few clicks. By leveraging a software system for checking equipment in and out, you reduce the possibility of human error that leads to double bookings or inaccurate reservations.

equipment tracking software tracking inventories higher edBenefits of equipment checkout and scheduling software include:

  • Easy equipment scheduling
  • No more double bookings
  • Increased record accuracy
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Accurately track equipment and enforce return policies
  • Streamlined checkouts/rapid returns
  • Detailed equipment tracking (tracking inventories)

With an equipment booking system from WebCheckout, your customers can reserve equipment online – creating an efficient, simple means of loaning media equipment within your organization.

For over a decade, WebCheckout has been the de facto leader for scheduling and checkout of AV equipment, assets, and facilities in Higher Education while neatly integrating with many campus systems for registration information, Single Sign-On (SSO), and billing. WebCheckout has dozens of features developed specifically for the unique needs of higher education.

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