Equipment Scheduling Software for Sophisticated Inventory Needs

WebCheckout is equipment scheduling software that delivers powerful insight into your people, processes and inventory.
With a wealth of knowledge, you’ll be equipped to take on the most complex challenges that come your way.


  • Staff Scheduling for full- and part-time workers.

  • ADA-compliant, mobile friendly self-service portal.

  • Customer management, liability waivers, fees and fines.

  • Smart equipment recommendations.

  • Unlimited attachments for people, places and things.


  • Track repairs and assign maintenance schedules.

  • Usage reports to inform budget decisions.

  • Comprehensive reporting to support data-driven decisions.

  • Tailor unlimited custom fields to fit your needs.

  • Detect equipment loss or misplacement through scheduled inventory checks.


  • 50+ controls governing who has access to inventory.

  • Different permission per employee; see record of all employee activity.

  • Combat human error with extra time built into your reservations.

  • Propose alternatives to unavailable equipment.

  • Flexible equipment grouping to simplify bookings and reduce errors.

See what our customers have to say.

“WebCheckout has helped our rental department to streamline our services. In the past, Inventory would take 2 weeks. With WebCheckout, we can complete our departmental inventory in 2 days.”

Aaron Gruber, Seneca College

“It has now been almost two years since HCC integrated WebCheckout into our department and I am happy to report that it has gone above and beyond our expectations. One of my favorite features is the ability to keep an activity log for both the students and the equipment itself. It allows us to identify if students are maintaining an active role in classes and when they begin work on their projects.”

                                                                                                                            Christopher Juengel,
Houston Community College

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