Flexible & Configurable

Browser Based and Mobile Friendly

Browser Based Mobile Friendly

  • Browser-based and mobile-friendly, WebCheckout is at your fingertips wherever you go.
  • WebCheckout has specialized, single-purposed apps for inventory collection, patron self-booking, shift scheduling and dashboards.
  • Supports digital signage and digital calendars.


webcheckout scalable

  • Supports a wide variety of operation ranging from high-volume, quick turnaround or large transactions.
  • Scales for single departments and entire organizations, each with their own types of inventories, policies, and hours of operation.
  • Supports patrons with specific access to multiple departments.
  • Integrates with central enrollment systems to control access to equipment and services.

Configurable to Your Business Needs

configurable-to-your-business-rulesWebCheckout is highly configurable to support YOUR business processes and the way YOU want to manage equipment reservations. The system you choose has to be flexible and adaptable, to support the needs of the hundreds of customer organization that depend on it. WebCheckout’s configurable features include:

  • Very detailed security / user permissions
  • Granular control of policies and authorizations
  • Respects hours of operation (open/closed hours)
  • Optimized for use in higher education with semester periods

Reporting & Statistics

reporting and statistics

  • WebCheckout provides comprehensive usage statistics, repair and maintenance records, inventory histories, and chain of custody reporting.
  • Track when you had to “turn down” a customer and use that data for budgeting and forecasting.
  • Use usage and repair data to make future purchasing decisions fact based.
  • Control the maximum throughput (simultaneous checkouts, reservations and returns) to prevent overloading staff and negatively impacting customer service.

Well Established Solution


WebCheckout has been serving universities since 1999; it’s no new kid on the block, but this is a good thing in the world of software. This means you’ll find a level of maturity and feature-richness that newcomers simply can’t offer.

With over a hundred man-years of development behind it, WebCheckout is easily the most configurable equipment scheduling solution on the market, meeting the needs of a wide variety of A/V departments. The system also has a plethora of tools for operational efficiency including cloning, bulk operations, bundles, and more. WebCheckout also maintains a detailed audit history and offers comprehensive range of reports …all built-in.

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