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We’re all about delivering the precise software experience you need for your organization. That’s why we provide a variety of modules and options to best suit your organization. Here’s a glimpse into a few of the modules and options available with our equipment scheduling software.

Mobile Inventory App

Mobile Inventory App

Efficiently and effectively manage your institutional assets and inventory projects in an easy to use application that technicians can use on their mobile devices!
A Robust Mobile Solution that allows you to…
  • Use flexible criteria to segment inventories into small, manageable projects and define scope and requirements
  • Assign projects to be performed by multiple people and facilitate communication between the technicians and project managers
  • Efficiently track changes with real time updates to inventory records
  • Manage projects and scan resources from a variety of phones and tablets
  • Easily maintain a complete inventory history for each resource
  • Update WebCheckout locations for resources found out of place
  • Require scanning of items to ensure they were physically located

Automated Notifications

automated notifications

Email Notifications and Calendaring

Email and calendar support for notification for all changes/updates

The Messaging Module Module enables staff to communicate confirmations and configurable reminders to customers via e-mail as well as allowing customers to subscribe and populate personal calendars with WebCheckout event data.

  • Send reservation confirmations, late reminders, invoices, change notifications, and trouble tickets on demand or automatically.
  • Configure the intervals, frequencies, and circumstances under which messages and reminders can be sent.
  • Control who can send messages and allow customers to opt out of receiving messages.
  • Customize the content of messages and view logs of all messages sent.
  • Allow customers to subscribe WebCheckout events to their personal calendars.
  • Push WebCheckout event data to departmental public calendars to display all events or availability for specific resources.

Sophisticated Staff Scheduling

sophisticated staff scheduling

The Personnel Scheduling Module facilitates the scheduling and assignment of staff for events via an availability polling paradigm. Staff can create roles and organize personnel according to user-assigned proficiencies to poll for availability electronically, assign positions based on intelligent information. Assigned roles can be added to most desktop and mobile calendars to serve as reminders to staff for upcoming events.

  • Create and assign unlimited roles to organize your personnel.
  • Track responses, select and confirm personnel directly within the module.
  • Save time by communicating with appropriate staff “en masse” and not having to manually track and collate responses.

The WebCheckout Personnel Scheduling Module solves the frustrating task of shift and staff scheduling of full and part-time student employees. The volume and turnover of new students, last-minute schedule changes, and unplanned absences make this arguably the most challenging staff to manage.

Students and part-time staff are able to manage their own availability calendar interface, indicating when throughout the semester they are available to work. Managers select from the pool of available candidates to staff pre-existing shifts or create shifts based on submitted availability.

Last minute changes? No problem! The Personnel Scheduling Module allows managers to broadcast open shifts to everyone or just those who have been placed into groups commensurate with their capabilities. In either case, the manager is the arbiter who approves all schedule or shift changes.

We use our long standing expertise in Higher Education to integrate with central course enrollment systems to prevent student employees from being scheduled when their classes are in session. Managers can regulate the total number of hours an employee may work and report verified timesheets back to central administrative systems for reimbursement from the Federal Work-Study Program.

Like all of WebCheckout, the Personnel Scheduling Module is a browser based application that leverages email and personal calendar client applications as well as all other browser enabled devices to accomplish its objective. All schedule changes are pushed out and updated without any student intervention.

Manage Maintenance & Repairs

manage maintenance and repairs

Track and manage equipment maintenance and repairs with the Help Desk & Repair Module. This module facilitates problem-solving and task-tracking for resources through an integrated “ticketing” system.

  • Problem reports from customers and technicians prompt removal of equipment from the circulating pool.
  • Reconcile reservations impacted by taking equipment our of circulation.
  • Track repair costs and assign to invoices.
  • Track in-house and outsourced repairs.
  • See the repair and maintenance histories for any item at a glance.
  • Add notes and comments to any ticket.
  • Track each step of the resolution of the ticket.
  • Take equipment offline and quickly resolve resulting schedule conflicts.
  • Search new and old tickets.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance.

Equipment Pooling & Bundles


Reservation by Resource Type is a specialized scheduling module aimed at high volume sites with large orders. It allows reservations to be made, but allows the selection of the particular item to be postponed until the time of the pickup or delivery. The result is that orders can be filled more quickly and flexibly, based on the inventory available at the time of the order.

  • Be more efficient with your inventory, yet still prevent double-booking
  • Have more flexibility with your customers based on inventory on hand
  • More easily deal with the impact of lost, damaged, or late returns

WebCheckout Bundles allow you to configure collections of items that are routinely booked together with a single click of the mouse. It works with the Reservation by Resource Type Module to aid high demand departments.

  • Save time and reduce oversights when making reservations
  • Group your inventory by specific use, reducing the expertise required of the operator
  • Select predefined groups of items with a single click
  • Simplify the selection process for self-serve customers

Integrated with Other Systems

webcheckout integrationWith the Data Integration Module…

WebCheckout was designed to interoperate with other systems using open and standard protocols. WebCheckout can integrate with central administration systems to accept patron biographical and enrollment data, transmit billing information, and authenticate self-serve customers and operators.

Integrates with central administrative systems (Banner/PeopleSoft, LDAP/AD, SSO)

  • Banner
  • Jenzabar
  • PeopleSoft
  • Datatel
  • LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • Several Single Sign-On (SSO) systems.
  • Many home-grown systems
  • Active Directory

Flexible Customer Billing


With the Billing Module, the system support flexible billing rates per client and resource type.

WebCheckout’s Billing module provides a flexible method of billing for users of your resources and services. Usage and late fees are assessed based on the resource used and the person using it. Payments can be in cash or billed to accounts.

  • Establish a rate card for each type of equipment and customer
  • Send billing data to third-party systems
  • Employ flat or variable billing rates
  • Estimate charges at the time of reservation
  • Discourage excessive delinquency or abuse by putting patrons on hold
  • Print or email invoices

Accessible Via API

webcheckout api integrationWebCheckout back end is available via a REST-ful API which allows you to integrate it with custom applications to upload or download data or even design your own front end harness WebCheckout’s scheduling prowess.

Media Management

webcheckout-media-management-moduleWebCheckout’s Media Management module gives you the ability to manage circulating media libraries using bibliographic data. Operators are able to import data from many library systems and provide the search terms that increase the likelihood that patrons find the title they’re looking for. Media titles are bookable in the Patron Portal and can be included on reservations along with other resources.


WebCheckout’s scheduling and inventory management prowess is second to none. Designed into the system are a variety of ways of controlling access to specific resources based upon enrollment, status or designation. Occasionally, access to resources needs to be governed by other factors such as proficiency. WebCheckout’s Certifications Module provides a simple, yet effective way to grant access to these restricted resources either in perpetuity or for a limited time. Authorizations made in the Certifications Module apply to reservations made by your Operators or made through the Patron Portal.

Examples of these types of resources are: laser cutters, 3-D printers, heavy or dangerous machinery.

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