Never Lose Another Resource: Mobile Inventory App (MIA)

Webcheckout’s Most Popular Module of 2019

If you were asked to account for everything in your entire inventory, how many grueling hours and personnel would it take to find out?

As an inventory manager, it’s imperative to know the status of your equipment. This can be thorny when you have hundreds, even thousands of resources in your checkout center, installed in rooms, and out in the field. We know this is a pain – and we have a solution.

The Mobile Inventory App (MIA) module takes your inventory management to the next level by adding a new layer of speed and accuracy to your equipment tracking.

  1. Divide your inventory into multiple projects to fit your unique procedures.
  2. Use your mobile device to complete an inventory of fixed and circulating resources.
  3. Cut down the time to perform inventories.
  4. Build projects as you see fit: assign them by home location, resource type, or last inventory date.
  5. Collect and sync data with WebCheckout in real-time.

In an instant, you’ll know what’s damaged, what’s missing, and what’s “grown legs” and moved to a new location. You and your operators will be notified of exactly which equipment is checked-out so that you always have a handle on the status of your entire inventory.

MIA increases your inventory visibility, effortlessly organizes your team for inventory days, provides essential reporting for new purchases, and eliminates the hazard of human error. And when your school requests the condition of your inventory, you can rely on MIA to have the answers you need at your disposal when you need them the most.

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Manage the Unexpected: Repair and Preventative Maintenance Module (RPM)

*A WebCheckout Customer Top Pick*

At WebCheckout, we know life happens and an inventory manager’s job requires more than reservations and checkouts. Our ticketing module helps manage unexpected outages from damages and equipment failures while ensuring customers don’t reserve equipment that is offline for repair. The ticketing module significantly decreases the impact these unexpected challenges have on your customers.

And now the team at WebCheckout has extended the reach of our ticketing module to help you manage your inventory more efficiently. The changes are so extensive that we have given the module a new name: Repair and Preventative Maintenance module (RPM). 

Check out our favorite features:

RPM Update


Robust tool for regularly scheduled maintenance

Maintenance schedules can be customized and applied to any resource in your inventory. When a scheduled maintenance activity approaches, the item is automatically taken offline to prevent your customer from booking it during the maintenance period.

Allows you to schedule all kinds of maintenance including:

  • cleanings
  • changing consumables
  • simple service-level functions (calibrations, charging, inspections, and inventorying)
Brand new user interface

RPM’s new look was built to provide a better user experience. Fields are now equipped with autocomplete and are responsive to user interaction, saving you valuable time and effort. We know you’ll love it!

Responsive customer functionality

All problem type and resolution type information is now customizable.

Automatically assign new tickets

Create rules to automatically assign a responsible operator for newly created tickets. Define rules based on your own specific criteria.

For those who use the Personnel Scheduling module, create assignment rules based on scheduling groups.

When it comes to the reliability of your inventory, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive. RPM gives you the data and controls to properly maintain your inventory and prevent the unexpected.

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