Flexible Licensing Options

Our software is reasonably attainable for organizations seeking such a solution.

A key consideration in adopting any new software solution is which licensing model to use. Depending on whether you prefer the lowest cost upfront, want the best deal in the long-run or value a cloud-based solution, WebCheckout offers licensing options to meet your needs. Plus, one of the best things about WebCheckout is the system can grow with you over time (i.e., you only have to license what you need initially, and you can add-on modules/options over time).

WebCheckout is happy to help you determine which licensing option is best for you. Software was traditionally sold under the perpetual license model. In recent years, the SaaS model has become more popular. We also offer a hybrid approach called a Hosted Perpetual License, as well as enterprise licensing for large-scale operations. And don’t worry if this licensing talk sounds complicated – we’ll make it easy to understand, and help you decide what’s best for you.

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