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Our advanced scheduling features will allow your organization to easily manage large inventories or circulation transactions.

Being modular in design our software allows you to fit a solution to your actual needs.

Self Service Reservations


WebCheckout’s Patron Portal is a very popular option for customers to browse circulating inventories and manage reservations—all from their mobile devices.. With its easy-to-use interface, the Patron Portal, improves customer service, eliminates cumbersome paperwork, and streamlining communication between customers and A/V department staff. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of the Patron Portal:

  • With this mobile-friendly interface, customers can schedule and book equipment, facilities, and media as well as edit or cancel existing reservations.
  • Improve customer service by allowing customers to browse inventories, view equipment availability and images; and read online manuals.
  • Enforce internal usage policies and authorizations.
  • Allow reservations or require that each request be approved.
  • Easily control which parts of your inventory can be seen within the Patron Portal.
  • Customizable interface allows you to match the look and feel of your department or organization website.
  • Optionally, allow your customers to report problems that directly translate into trouble tickets in the WebCheckout Help Desk & Repair Module.

Detailed Equipment Tracking

detailed equipment tracking

WebCheckout empowers organizations with comprehensive information about every resource. For circulating inventory,

WebCheckout employs sophisticated business logic to allow resources to be scheduled by category or individually, by bundle or kit, all the while preventing double booking and preserving the history/story of where each and every resource is, was and will be.

  • Sophisticated scheduling logic for large, complex, revolving inventories.
  • Manage complete life-cycle and “chain of custody” for assets.

Robust Inventory Management

WebCheckout does much more than scheduling, it has a robust set of capabilities for inventory management, whether it be just for your loaner pool or for a wider scope of fixes assets.

When fully leveraged, WebCheckout discerns between inventory that circulate to different end users and inventory that is assigned indefinitely to a person, department or location.  In all cases, WebCheckout provides a multitude of specification, disposition, repair and maintenance features that help institutions categorize, organize and report on all types of physical assets. Whether you are out in the field or back at the office, WebCheckout allows you to access and update inventory data in real time using your device of choice

  • Sophisticated scheduling logic for large, complex, revolving inventories.
  • Manage complete lifecycle and “chain of custody” for assets
  • Extensive inventory management capabilities.
  • Comprehensive feature set for inventory management, including mobile collection app.
  • Inventory history kept, reports for overdue inventory
  • Pro-active management of inventory that becomes unavailable due to maintenance issues.

Granular Control of Policies and Authorizations

Detailed Control Policy

WebCheckout enforces your organization’s usage policies and authorizations. WebCheckout’s wide variety of settings and options gives you granular control over who can use which equipment, how often, and how much . Following are a few key features that help control access and enforce policies:

  • Ensure equipment availability to your qualified customers by authorizing equipment for use based on certification, course enrollment, or proficiency.
  • Certification required to use equipment (e.g. pre-requisites to use, training completed first, demonstrated proficiency)
  • Powerful, fine-grained security / user permissions
  • Tracking completed  consent forms and waivers streamlines the experience for compliant customers
  • Reservations made with the Patrol Portal or with staff have been vetted for times, availability, and policy;  giving customers peace of mind.
  • Place on hold for administrative and delinquent account holds

Streamlined Checkout / Rapid Return

streamlined checkout rapid return

  • WebCheckout is fully compatible with barcodes on equipment and many forms of ID. Just scan, set the time and your customer can be on their way; you can be assured that your items are tracked and accountable.
  • Long lines to return equipment? Use Rapid Return to quickly scan items in without having to match them up to a specific order
  • Quickly add or remove orders at pickup time without compromising policy

Book Related Resources

Book Related Resources

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than to not have everything they need or think that they checked out. To improve customer service and reduce operator error, WebCheckout provides multiple ways to combine resources from the pool. For example, you may want a create a kit with a camera, lens, flash and tripod. By doing that, your customer won’t forget to book what they need nor will your operator make a mistake by pairing incompatible equipment.

  • Group resources together into kits that can be checked out and returned with a single scan or require each item to be scanned in and out.
  • Create collections of resources that can be added to or removed from orders in a single click.
  • Provide class-based collections that are easy to understand for customers (e.g. Intro to Film bundle)

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